How to Convert Video to GIF?

It is popular nowadays to create short animated GIFs out of video or movie clips for easy viewing in forums and blogs. With the animation feature of Free Video to GIF, it is quite easy to create these yourself! Most of popular video formats like AVI, 3GP, FLV/SWF, MP4, WMV, etc. are supported. Download and install Free Video to GIF to make animated GIF image as your forum avatar or something easily.

Follow The Easy Steps Below:

1. Launch Free Video to GIF. Click "Input" button () to choose video from your computer and click "Open" () to activate the "Output Options" window.

Input Video

2. The detailed information of the source media file is displayed. Drag your mouse to move the slider () to the position of time bar and use "Set Start/Set End" to specify the start/end frame. To choose more accurately, use "Next Frame" button. Remember to check "Cut Clip" () to select a clip of video to make GIF (If you want to convert the whole video, uncheck it). Frame size () is optional (Auto - Original; 128 * 96 - sqcif; 176 * 144 - qcif; and so on). If everything is ready, click "OK" ().

Specify Output Settings

3. Click "Start" () and some conversion information will be displayed. If you check the "Preview while encoding" box, a preview window will be activated through which you can preview the result. The conversion will be finished within just few seconds.

Start Conversion