The Use of Images of Online Shops

Have you ever come across a website filled with static images? What is your first impression? We have come across a website that has too many static images and we feel that it is very crowded. Sometimes we don't even know if it is selling product or services or something else. When there is no predictable path for a viewer to explore, he/she cannot find the products that he/she is interested in and this will result in him/her leaving the website to explore other alternative websites. Nowadays online shoppers have many alternative choices to choose from.

Next, there are websites having too many animated images. They make a website looks very busy and for all animations to keep repeating may likely caused users to be irritated and makes the exploration of the website a tiring chore. I myself don't like online shops which have many blinking bright effects to highlight their wide variety of products and they make me headache. How about you?

Well how about plain text and few static images which are blur and dull? Hey is this a R&D website, a book, a document or a web shop? There is no excitement to heat up online shopper. Online shop is just like any physical shop, good web decoration plus good brand marketing and customer service will help to instill trust and confidence in your customers' minds.